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RGB LED MIRROR L001AC10080RG B(32*40)



1,5MM tempered mirror
2, three standards: switch + anti-fog + color temperature (Bottom right
corner of the switch, turn on the light white, turn off the light blue,
the middle key long press adjustable light brightness)
3, leave the mirror edge 3.5cm, matte 4cm
4,Color temperature: double-layer light strip, inner light: three-color
light 6000K+3000K, outer light: RGB 8 colors. The inner light is 24
volts tri-color light, 1 meter 24 watts, 192 beads, the display index is
85, the outer light is 24 volts, 1 meter 12 watts RGB light strip
5, structure: white spray powder bright aluminum frame, (horizontal
vertical hanging, with aluminum wall accessories), internal and external
light transmission, power failure memory function, waterproof small
bottom box
6, UL certification,
7. Mail order packagin

Additional information

Weight 15.48 kg
Dimensions 107 × 85.5 × 6.5 cm


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